401(k) Organization Leaders and Owners

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Employers / plan sponsors purchase our Employer 401K Investment Advice Service as a value added benefit to their employees. The service is based on a flat fee per employee per year.

This valuable employee benefit can:

  • Help make a significant difference in your employees ability to retire when the time comes.
  • Help retain employees by providing a differentiating benefit.
  • Solidify your leadership position in the market by showing that your company truly cares about the long-term welfare of their employees.

The Process:
We will participate in employee benefits meetings to promote your 401K program and the new 401K Investment Advice Service.

We will gather Risk Tolerance information from all 401K participants through our interactive website. Each 401K participant is assigned to a Risk Category. The participant can change this at any time through our website.

Our team will research all the funds in your company 401K program and develop the initial suggested allocations for each various Risk Category.

Our professionals will send a one-time 'Initial Suggested Allocations' email to all employees, through your HR department. This email will explain the current market conditions and provide specific suggestions on how each 401K participant should allocate/reallocate their 401K funds amongst the various funds in your 401K program. These suggestions are based on the individual 401K participants Risk Category. Note that the employee is still responsible for changing their allocations.

We will send quarterly '401K Allocation Confirmation' emails to all employees. These emails will give a brief market recap and a reconfirmation of each employees suggested 401K fund allocations, based on their Risk Category.

When a change in the market dictates, we will send out a new 'Market Condition Alert - 401K Changes Suggested' email outlining the market change details and the new proposed allocations. The proposed new allocations are based on each 401K participants Risk Category.

Hamilton Financial is an independent firm offering securities and investment advisory services through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA & SIPC.