Employer 401K Investment Advisory Services

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Our professionals are experienced at managing 401K portfolio investments and providing ongoing, specific advice regarding how an individual may invest their 401K funds.

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 enables us to provide this same service to employers on behalf of all  their employees. This service is provided as a flat annual fee based on the number of employees.

Here is how the service works:

  • We work with your employees to promote their participation in your 401K program and to assess their risk factor. We group all employees into Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive risk categories based on their age, years to retirement, general risk tolerance, and other considerations.
  • Our professionals analyze the funds in your 401K program and make the initial suggested allocations to each employee in each risk category. These recommendations include specific percentages for each of the suggested funds. Employees may use current tools to modify their allocations accordingly.
  • We continually reevaluate the financial market conditions to determine when employees in each risk category need to adjust their allocations to 'minimize the lows and maximize the highs'. When a reallocation is needed, we send all employees a "Market Condition Alert" email containing their new suggested allocations.
  • We also send monthly "401K Progress" emails when no reallocation's are needed to confirm that we are continually monitoring their 401K funds.

401K funds are many people's primary retirement asset.

Even with all the tools available, many plan participants have never rebalanced their account since they enrolled.

The end result is often a very modest annual return and the unenviable position of not being able to retire when the time comes.